VirtualBox Error In supR3HardNtChildWaitFor 之拜拜小紅傘


忽然 VirtualBox 打不開,顯示 Error In supR3HardNtChildWaitFor 錯誤,如 Re: E_FAIL (0x80004005)

移除 VirtualBox 重新安裝也是無法解決,上網 Google 半天才找到 Virtualbox 與 Avira 的問題 這篇,發現是小紅傘 Avira Free Antivirus 的問題,只要移除就可以解決 …

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2 thoughts on “VirtualBox Error In supR3HardNtChildWaitFor 之拜拜小紅傘

  1. 我也是… Avia 網站說還在修這一個bug.
    他們建議方式如下:(試過以後可以,Avira會有一些功能被disabled,像是 e-mail protection 與 web protection)


    Unfortunately, the issue that you are currently experiencing is indeed related to a new bug.
    We are currently working to solve this bug as soon as possible.

    Meanwhile, the solution that I am proposing to you is to simply disable the “avipbb” driver.

    In order to disable avipbb driver, the following procedure can be followed:

    ‧ Open Avira configuration and go to General -> Security.

    ‧ Disable product protection options (all three).

    ‧ Press Ok button to save configuration.

    ‧ Press Start->Settings-> Control Panel->System.

    ‧ Start “Device Manager” in the tab “Hardware”.

    ‧ In “View” menu activate the option “Show hidden devices”.

    ‧ Now select the node “Non-plug and play drivers”.

    ‧ Right-click on the driver “avipbb” and select “Properties”.

    ‧ In tab “Driver” select the option “Disabled” and click OK. <– cannot "Disabled" it; but need to "uninstall" it

    ‧ Close all and reboot.

    After these manipulations, it is possible that the Mail Protection and Web Protection services
    will cease to function. Just in case it's happening, do not worry and rest assured that your
    computer's security is in no way being jeopardized; the Real-Time Protection will continue to
    protect you by scanning any files.